December 5, 2010

Perfect Distraction

I was so upset with someone that I really wanna scream and shout, but I keep on holding and control myself. So I decided to find some distraction and voila, came up to Proenza Schouler Collection, these are from Pre Spring 2011 Collection. Here we go.

Croc series. Superb love.PS 11

The piece that I love best is this simple clutch. The colors combination is just perfect.

October 31, 2010

Delicacy ♥

Bonjour tout le monde!
Well, this is my very first try-out post. I have no fashion photoshoot yet, but I guess this blog doesn't only contain fashion thingies. So there's nothing wrong about posting some random things or maybe personal thoughts here, right? ;)
I'll snap more pictures from now on to be posted in this blog later. Ciao

'Bee Cheng Hiang' mooncake

'Lindt' Truffes

My whole snacks. Creepy lol

My Fave Cookies. 'Famous Amos'. for me it also means, Forever and Always :)
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