December 22, 2011

When I First Saw You

A dream it was, a dream it is
I dream of you, how sad the truth
I fell for you, you fell for me
The love was true, but I was not

You mend my heart, I broke yours
Now my heart's broken, where is yours?
I wish I knew what to say to you
To bring you back, to bring love back

Now I can only sit here and write
A sad love song, for no one to hear
I wish I could say something to you
That could bring it all back

All back to when I first saw you.

-- E.Y.

I found this poem (or a song lyric? I ain't sure) on the blog of this Singaporean fella I know for his cover videos on YouTube. He was quite active back then, posting videos of him covering songs such as Katy Perry, The Script, etc, and he's also quite a talent that he often made his own songs. One of my favorite song he ever created is called "Not Tonight". I wish I could show you how good he is, but he's already deleted his account in YouTube because I guess he's going to make an album since he performed in MFW in Singapore last year.

I post up this poem simply because I love the words he's written, at that time it suited me very well, how I was experiencing quite the same situation. Sometimes it seemed like he's reading my mind, because the timing was so perfect, his video sometimes just so like my condition. Lol. Maybe I'm just over thinking, maybe.

Anyway, I hope he'll be success (he's already in NYC now btw). I hope the album will make a huge and awesome breakout!

I mend your heart, you broke mine.

Unita Tan
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