November 4, 2012

Here I Am


Finally a new post in this blog after three months of being neglected. I really am sorry for the hiatus, been really busy with school. I don't know how many times I've said sorry for the same thing, but it's the truth. So, please bear with me. Anyway, I'm wanting to get back on track again by regularly posting at least once in one or two weeks to keep this blog away from the cobwebs or cockroaches. So, I hope I can do it! :)





Got this pink clutch at H&M during my visit to Singapore last holiday. Feels lucky 'cause I finally have something in neon. It was neon pink, you can still see the neon effect even though I desaturate it a bit, can you? It's really nice because you can wear it both ways, clutch or sling it on your shoulder.



Sad thing happened to me couple days ago, I lost my BlackBerry in the time when I really truly definitely need it the most. So well, I'm currently phone-less now. *sobs*

The weather in my place is so unbelievably hot these days, this shots were taken only in 15minutes! While the usual shots took me around 30mins until an hour to get it done, but because I can't bear the heat and I was sweating like a fat pig I decided to end it sooner.





Oh and another news! I shaved my lower hair, so I'm having the undercut hair as you can see on the pics above. The result of the shave isn't satisfying though, I've showed the design I wanted but the one who did the shaving decided to do a freestyle. It was farrrrrr away from what I want. If you follow me on my instagram then you can see how much the difference is.


Well, as you can see, I'm getting a loootttttt fatter than I've ever been, I swear this is the worst. I look super fat! This month I'm planing on having a managed diet so I can get my normal weight back because this body is really disgusting to look at. lol.
Wish you have a great weekend. Ciao!

Unita Tan

July 17, 2012

Black and Blue

IMG_8941 a


Phewww, my holiday is half passed. Just few more weeks to come and the new semester will begin, gosh, I really am not ready. I don't wanna be back to college pleaseeee, I'm still not ready to face the stacks of assignments again. *sob*

Anyway, this outfit is actually the one I wore for my friend's birthday party about two weeks ago, then I decided to redo it and take some shots based on what I wore at that day. Minus the shade, of course. I was actually carrying a red McQueen purse, but I'm too lazy to take it out of the box so I omitted one item but added one, the shade. Fair enough, no?

*pssttt.. this post's gonna have so many pics, please bear with me.



I'm so in love with this shade. The cat-eye shape simply captivated me, by the time I saw it I directly decided that I must have it! It's currently in one of my most favorite items list.



Many people thought I had my photos on the last post taken on a photo studio, while actually it was only in my house. I just edited the floor and made it white. So now, I'm showing you the real condition, the tiles are there. :)




Remember last time I was taking jumping pictures? Ha, now it's spinning time!! Lol. I just love the light material on my peplum top so I decided to give it a spin and voila!



My top is so light that it's actually can be blown by the wind easily.


IMG_8979 a

Unita Tan

June 17, 2012

Tell Me I'm A Screwed Up Mess


Twenty years old, it is. Yeah, I'm officially twenty since five days ago. A big girl, no longer a teenager.
I really don't feel like getting any older though. Part of me still want to be that little kid who never give a damn of what's happening in the big harsh and cruel world, that little girl who's only care about how to dress her barbie doll and the most confusing problem was to choose what color should she use to colorize her little drawing with.

IMG_7882 sm copy

Being a little kid is such a bliss, you know. You don't have to care about what people say about you, you don't have that responsibilities to maintain your life as your mother will always provide what you need, and most of all you don't have to think about any complicated thing! Ironically, you can't be that little kid forever, you gotta grow up, make up your mind and become maturer as the days swinging by. You're obligated to have those kinds of responsibilities throughout your life. Sigh.

You can say that I'm too naive, but I really don't wanna grow up. If only Neverland were real.

IMG_8009 copy

I managed to take these shots few days before my birthday. Wearing this one sleeve tops that I wore as a dress, pairing it with the almost forgotten Charles & Keith heels and topping it up with few accessories.

IMG_8048 copy sm

IMG_7868 sm

IMG_7928 copy1

IMG_7962 sm1

Trying a little experiment with blurring technique with my hair. Sorry for the dope face and silly expressions.



Unita Tan

Emma Stone, Vogue July 2012

Whoa, looks like my favorite girls are becoming covers here and there. After Blake Lively on Marie Claire as on my previous post, now here's the amazing gurl Emma Stone in Vogue America July 2012.

The Spiderman's GF, both in film and in real life, wear Nina Ricci Fall 2012 collection. Shot by the famous Mario Testino, Emma looks really mature and stupendous!





Pretty alluring.. This funny girl has turned into a humble and mature lady. Rocking her blonde hair, instead of her inborn red hair, she still looks stunning even though it's messy-styled. I personally like her eyes, with a tinge of smokey, they're just beautiful.



The Spiderman Co-Star slash boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, says about her:
"Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river, and never holding on to the sides."



With her unique crooked laugh. It's just simply.... Emma.


images from

June 13, 2012

Blake Lively, Marie Claire July 2012 Cover


Here it comes again, the golden girl, coming as Marie Claire July 2012 cover issues.
Blake Lively and her effortlessly beautiful hair and flawless skin. She's always been my favorite girl on Gossip Girl and she always looks gorgeous in everything she wears. Simply stunning with her million miles legs and always adorable perfect blonde hair, even when it's messy-styled.

This lucky girl, is indeed very lucky. Since her role in Gossip Girl, she has so much opportunity of wearing designer's dresses and shoes, and bags! She also becomes Monsieur Louboutin special girl, getting a shoes named after her, got Louboutin whole Spring 2012 collection, getting personal style advice right from the master of red sole. Don't forget about the dear Ryan Reynolds on her arms. Envy her? Yeah, me too.


"Maybe it sounds jerky, but I’m lucky to be on such a fashion-centric show [Gossip Girl]. There’s no designer I don’t have access to."



"What I planned before I got into the business has changed," she says. "Now I'm like, 'Hmm, I wonder what shoes Christian [Louboutin] is going to make me. And which couture house should I go to?' "


"For me, this other stuff -- well, the perks -- is not the reason I do the job. Couture fashion week, getting to meet Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano and Christian Louboutin is so exciting. But at the end of the day I wouldn't be there without my job. There are a few things in life that matter above all else: your family, your friends, your loved ones."


She's indeed such a darling. One of a perfection.


images from Hufftington Post, Tumblr.
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