July 17, 2012

Black and Blue

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Phewww, my holiday is half passed. Just few more weeks to come and the new semester will begin, gosh, I really am not ready. I don't wanna be back to college pleaseeee, I'm still not ready to face the stacks of assignments again. *sob*

Anyway, this outfit is actually the one I wore for my friend's birthday party about two weeks ago, then I decided to redo it and take some shots based on what I wore at that day. Minus the shade, of course. I was actually carrying a red McQueen purse, but I'm too lazy to take it out of the box so I omitted one item but added one, the shade. Fair enough, no?

*pssttt.. this post's gonna have so many pics, please bear with me.



I'm so in love with this shade. The cat-eye shape simply captivated me, by the time I saw it I directly decided that I must have it! It's currently in one of my most favorite items list.



Many people thought I had my photos on the last post taken on a photo studio, while actually it was only in my house. I just edited the floor and made it white. So now, I'm showing you the real condition, the tiles are there. :)




Remember last time I was taking jumping pictures? Ha, now it's spinning time!! Lol. I just love the light material on my peplum top so I decided to give it a spin and voila!



My top is so light that it's actually can be blown by the wind easily.


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Unita Tan
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