November 4, 2012

Here I Am


Finally a new post in this blog after three months of being neglected. I really am sorry for the hiatus, been really busy with school. I don't know how many times I've said sorry for the same thing, but it's the truth. So, please bear with me. Anyway, I'm wanting to get back on track again by regularly posting at least once in one or two weeks to keep this blog away from the cobwebs or cockroaches. So, I hope I can do it! :)





Got this pink clutch at H&M during my visit to Singapore last holiday. Feels lucky 'cause I finally have something in neon. It was neon pink, you can still see the neon effect even though I desaturate it a bit, can you? It's really nice because you can wear it both ways, clutch or sling it on your shoulder.



Sad thing happened to me couple days ago, I lost my BlackBerry in the time when I really truly definitely need it the most. So well, I'm currently phone-less now. *sobs*

The weather in my place is so unbelievably hot these days, this shots were taken only in 15minutes! While the usual shots took me around 30mins until an hour to get it done, but because I can't bear the heat and I was sweating like a fat pig I decided to end it sooner.





Oh and another news! I shaved my lower hair, so I'm having the undercut hair as you can see on the pics above. The result of the shave isn't satisfying though, I've showed the design I wanted but the one who did the shaving decided to do a freestyle. It was farrrrrr away from what I want. If you follow me on my instagram then you can see how much the difference is.


Well, as you can see, I'm getting a loootttttt fatter than I've ever been, I swear this is the worst. I look super fat! This month I'm planing on having a managed diet so I can get my normal weight back because this body is really disgusting to look at. lol.
Wish you have a great weekend. Ciao!

Unita Tan
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