August 30, 2013

Caught in The Moment


It's been six months since my last outfit update! Well, I could nag about how busy I am but it's getting old and boring, yes? ahaha


Okay, so just wanna share you my update, I've just had my internship at one of the famous high-end magazine in Jakarta. I had a great time there, the crew was very welcoming, friendly, and funny at times. And honestly, I enjoy being an intern way more than being a student in uni life. No joke! Even more, I am now in my last year of study. I am soooo much terrified, confused, and afraid of my own future. I don't know what to do with my life! Seriously, I have to come up with brilliant and "design-ful" idea for my final project so I can graduate, but up 'til now, I'm still completely clueless. My lamp's still off, I'm living my life in total darkness. (okay, let's stop the hyperbolic phrase here)





Actually, I don't really do pink, but when I was out with my mom and saw this knit top, I know this' what I want, even though I was considering a yellow one at first but she said this color looks better. Later at home, I was thinking about the possible pink colored match for it and found the only ones I could find, the salmon pink short and the neon pink clutch. Other than that, I have no other pink-hued things in my collections.




Took these photos like weeks ago, but then again, I was too lazy to do the editing part. Meh! I really wish I could take shots outside, as in outdoor places, so I don't have to think about what to do with the empty-boring-lifeless white wall.

Knit Top : Stradivarius | Shorts : Zara | Clutch : H&M | Sunnies : Mango | Heels : Charles & Keith

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